Dancing in the Tao

Fresh Darin


Do not be concerned with whether you agree or disagree. Do not be concerned with liking or disliking. He is not here for charades and celebration, argument or denigration. His errand is not his. It is ours.

What will you do when you find a living wing? Such a wing, if added to your own, becomes fire of the sky-seeing way. Do you think it is a person? A name? Something you can think about or judge? It is not for evaluation or judgment that you found a living wing.

It is for flight.

Those who, finding a wing from the sky, add theirs to it? These will travel.

Those who, instead, attack, adore, despise, ignore, judge, or decide about it. Well, they shall be the fruits of such decisions and let others say what such fruits bear. For we who fly are for flying. And they who have some other errand…
… shall have and be the agents of these other errands.

Find a wing that’s true beyond all words and ideas. Dust yours off. Join them.

Return to the sky where our minds and intelligences … have their sources.

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at last


What needs saying is beyond containment

in tiny word-boxes lined up on relentless tracks:

left to right, left to right, march march march.

O to write in spirals and spheres! ripples even,

constantly expanding outward and meeting one

anOther, evoking new relationShips, new

possibilities to explore, resonating back

toward the initiating gesture, richer and fuller and

then: Giving forth the next Initiation, a Birth of

New containing every element of the Old:

not lost but transformed and transforming, rippling

expanding, meeting, evoking, on and infinitely on;

Truer in countless ways to how our knowing,

our Being, our thinking, our Relating arise: So much all

at once to be felt first in Wholeness, the inextricable

Relatedness of each apparently discrete part with(in)

the magnificent Whole, impossibly elusive when

we think to capture it All, or even a tiny true bit,

in mere lines and symbols.


Something new is afoot, at hand. I can

see and feel it all around, with(in) me

right here Gazing at me through Everything,


true to Her elusive, mischievous, indomitable child nature,

She charmingly refuses to be captured in mere words.

Write me a Metaphor, she sings to me,

Write me a Song that makes Me Visible to Everyone.

Tell all the children that I’m Right Here, hiding in Everything. 

Tell them Everything is Magic and Miracles 

that there’s an Unexplained Unexplainable Mystery 

at the Heart of Everywhere they look: A place where

 every coin is flipping, every meaning inverted again, where 

tears flow from the deepest happiness and fear 

is a doorway. Tell them how you 

became so very Quiet, so Still that you could hear Me at last 

Calling to you through Everything. tell them how you 

Laughed, because Everything has been here 

all along, concealing Me. 

Tell them it’s the corner of their eyes that’s most insightful, 

the edges of their consciousness that ‘hold’ the greatest truths. 

Tell them to be patient, and quiet, to trust and relax. 

That which is being sought is doing the seeking

but we can’t notice this until we slow slow slow down.


We have to allow ourselves, at last, to be found.


Creative demolition


I’ve been my sons’ teacher through most of their lives, and one of the things I’ve needed to keep reMinding them, and myself, over the years is that there is a vast difference between Knowledge and Intelligence. Knowledge is a collection of facts which humans are demonstrably, catastrophically horrible at tracking or understanding or connecting in meaningful ways. Intelligence, on the other hand, is the ability to respond, with one’s heart, mind and assorted unknown unknowable ways of knowing to whatever is arising in Life. I told them they could always gather whatever facts they needed, always learn new skills … and so we focused on working/playing to master the skills involved in Responding. Teenagers now, I’m delighted and relieved to watch as they not only pick up new facts and skills whenever they need them, but also have Passion and Curiosity and Openness and (and this is The Best Part): They ever-increasingly trust themselves to be able to respond.  One of my eldest’s friends at his high school (at the tail end of our three year experiment with Other Forms of School) said, “You’re leaving school? How will you learn anything?” And my son replied, “You don’t understand. You can’t learn anything here. Learning happens out in the world, with everything.”

Western culture places so much Value on Facts, Ideas, Formal Mental Structures of all kinds … our Minds become whole Cities Of Ideas built of (largely misconceived) Facts, connected by Concrete Freeway Systems that get us from City to City so fast we can’t possibly notice that the Cities have paved over The True Garden Of Our Minds, where everyThing is always being born into Thingness, ever arising from Mystery; ever and always connected to All. Dangerous things Ideas and Facts. Metaphor and Poesis are much safer ground for language, where there is always remembering that the best words only hint at, point to, remind us of infinite possibilities; are more like Seeds and Toys, things to plant within oursElves and play with.

The Cities are so very subtle, they become What We Think Is True. It’s amazingly difficult to warn people about their dangers. To say, “Hey, I’d love to play! but I keep running into these Structures…” Part of the difficulty arises because we humans both need and want Structures … we are constantly con-structing (building-with) reality within and between ourselves. This is where metaphor and Poïesis come in: Poïesis (the Wiki tells us) “is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek term ποιέω, which means “to make”. This word, the root of our modern “poetry”, was first a verb, an action that transforms and continues the world.” So one of the keys is to conceive of our Structures as Living Things, and allow them to constantly update and evolve just as Plants and Animals and Stars constantly update themselves, ever Becoming-Anew in Response to All-That-Is. When we understand the Power of Language (and all its children) to transform and continue our world, we’ll begin to attend much more carefully to what we think and say, and we’ll make sure our knowing stays fresh and alive, never hardening into dead and deadly Cities.

When we change the nature of the Structures we build in our Minds … we’ll be astounded and amazed at the Transformations we create in what we build in our world.





I’m spending just about every available moment these days in my garden. Not working, just being … being with the bunnies and the birds and the breezes, the sunlight and the stars, and all the slow dancing Green Folk. I’ve felt for many months now that I access much more intelligence in these Presences, and in recent weeks have felt and leaned into my emotional Connection to them, and through them to All That Is.

Insights from the Green Folk are beyond words. Every day there is deepening and strengthening of feeling and relaxing into Relationship, a security and support I’ve longed for all my life at levels I didn’t even know I had levels.

When I wander in my mind away from Connection, I feel fear and confusion; when I turn back from those Dark Paths I feel steady and knowing once again: not certain about anything, not knowing how even the next moment is going to unfold, but a deepening felt experience of what I’ve known intellectually for years: I’m not abandoned, have never been alone: I’m held (as is everyone) in the Very Heart of Being. And no One expects me to know anything in advance: all that’s required is that I Participate with my Whole Being, that I bring All of Me to the Moment, and Respond.

I’m learning not to walk down the Dark Paths in my mind anymore. I know where they all lead: always the same places full of Paper Tigers and Bad Guesses about The Future. So partly I’m bored with them finally; and partly they don’t scare me as much as they used to … daily their power weakens; and partly I’m becoming less and less willing to Entertain the Darkness.

The Choice is becoming clearer and clearer, emotionally. And it’s getting easier and easier to choose Connection … almost, almost to the point of why on this marvelous, beautiful Earth would I ever choose anything else? 

JBuss’ reminders about Curiosity are always helpful … and I’m becoming more and more and more Curious about what’s possible from here? Out past all the old things I used to think and feel were true…here in these New Mapless Waters…


Darin: Human Potentials


We are heir to a set of opportunities and abilities that defy our ability to imagine them. Our ancestors have, in some cases, apparently been aware of some of them, however the stories they told were often as confusing as they were inaccessible.

A long time ago, most of these potentials were lost or obscured. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes through fear or ignorance.

In our generation we will reclaim them.

What’s actually going on in and around Earth differs dramatically from the stories we’ve been sold. New stories won’t do. It’s time that we had direct experience of our own nature, histories, and potentials. Together. With and for each other and our world.

We can together reMember methods of engendering unity and mutual uplift that our ancestors were adept with, and games of this nature have the power to entirely change what we believe about what it means to be human — because what we believe is misfounded, and our relational capacities are more like science-fiction than science — in general.

There is a garden of stories we can share… which rapidly unlock learning potentials barely dreamt of in our religions and most imaginative fictions… by changing how we interact with a feature of representational experience. As it turns out, the stories we share — in many ways delimit the learning potentials available to us…

For thousands of years our ancestors were attempting to piece together a way to speak about a living riddle which they had constant and direct experience of. This riddle had to do with the source of Knowledge. and the meaning of Light, Time, Separation, Darkness, Life and Death.

Each of our cultures and their knowledge-traditions (science, philosophy, religion, &c.) express different versions as well as a modernized tokens of their essential experience and understanding — but there are ways of integrating the models they left us that lead to a startling experience:

Direct contact with what they were making stories about.

If we can merely agree, we can play an ancient riddle-solving game together…

that transforms into game of impossible rescue…

and that’s only the beginning…

Darin Stephenson: Organelle.org



What a morning! First Indiana, then Alabama, now ::

Palestine has been welcomed into the International Criminal Court!

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said that the court will be examining crimes committed by both Israel and Hamas:  “We will be looking at alleged crimes committed by all sides to the conflict, in total independence and impartiality, and without fear or favour,” she said.

Without fear or favour. Yes.

May Justice not exacerbate these ancient wounds, but bring at last the balm of Restoration, of Remembrance of common Sources:

Elohim, one of the Hebrew and Christian names of the Divine, is actually a singular-plural that translates most closely as He-the-Gods. The singular form of this name is spelled, in Hebrew, Aleph-Lammed-Hay, and can be pronounced either Elah or Alah.

We are all One.


Protective Fury


If you haven’t seen or heard Brene Brown yet, don’t even finish this post: check out her TED talks on Vulnerability and Shame here and here. Like Dr. Who calling out The Silence, she names one of the great inner demons that hampers and hinders us, and manages to stay largely invisible throughout its life-stealing games: Shame.

Her work fundamentally changed my life, and the lives of countless, countless others, and I honor her.

I read today, on her site, that Cadillac recently, consciously, co-opted her work, Daring Greatly, in their new advertising campaign. And I got mad. I wrote the following in her comments, and because this topic has far-reaching implications for all of us, throughout our lives, I’m saying it here, too:

Wow. My first reaction is fury. Glancing through the other comments, I hear my anger echoed and I feel this is one of the Most Important responses we can notice in ourselves: Boundary Violation Alarms are blaring and Kari nails the kernel of it right here:

“This is a corporation, and it IS easy for me to feel there is a “danger” that Brene’s social/academic movement is being co-opted for marketing purposes.”

I’m not suggesting we blame or fear, nor do I want to minimize the wisdom Brene and others have offered so beautifully: I’m suggesting we Pay Very Close Attention to our emotional response because it’s telling US something incredibly, even vitally important: We have the Right and the Responsibility to Protect and Hold Sacred That Which is Valuable to US. We are awakening to the awareness that there is a long and dreadful human history of converting precious, living resources, like Brene’s work, like the work all of us have done within ourselves thanks to Brene’s work, like rain forests and coral reefs and children’s imaginations into abstract numbers in someone’s checking account and we’re saying “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

Being vulnerable requires us to have strong boundaries against ANYTHING that threatens our hearts, our lives, our children, our connections, our world. This is true whether the threat arises from a corporation co-opting heartful brilliance to enhance their bottom line, or from internalized voices of shame that insist we are less than we are.

We are gaining strength, within ourselves and within our connections to each other, to other living hearts: strength to stand against any and all who would insist on co-opting or denying us our birthrights of joyous wholehearted BEING human, of discovery and exploration of this miraculous world with and for each other, in celebration of Life and All Living Things.

I haven’t read Cadillac’s statement, but we all know there is nothing daring in buying a luxury car, nothing daring in continuing to build luxury cars in a world choking in them. To consciously use Brene’s work to imply otherwise, is a LIE. And we can call it that. We NEED to call it that. We NEED to speak Our Truth. Not fearful, not blaming, simply: That is a Lie; and because it seeks to diminish something of incalculable worth, we will not stand for it.

The more we speak these simple truths within ourselves, between ourselves, the stronger we grow. As long we keep this up, then one day, perhaps sooner than we’ve dared to dream, there will be no stopping the Vulnerable.

Brene, thank you, as ever, for all you give.


 And, of course, at this very moment jbuss & Elizabeth are heralding our need for self-protection. Beautiful.


Lost Children Found

hansel_and_gretel_book_by_Jen_coraceThis story is based on true (inner) events.


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Wonderful breaking news: Authorities were alerted yesterday by Special Messenger to the presence of a lost child. There was some initial embarrassment as apparently many earlier notifications of her disappearance had been lost in bureaucratic shuffling, and officials were overwhelmed with calls to find and rescue this child at last.

Early this morning authorities contacted a curandera renowned for locating lost children and she was able to lead them immediately to the basement where the little one was being held. Conditions were exactly as the curandera had seen: The child was imprisoned beneath one of two windowless, inches thick, bell-shaped steel containers that had been wired into the house’s 220 electrical outlet.

First responders turned off the electricity, a crane lifted the container and a special team from All Her Mercy began immediate ministrations to the child. She is currently being flown to Alcazar Sanitorius, where she will receive every loving care.

It’s too early to speculate, Ladies and Gentlemen, but one must wonder what powers this little child possesses that so terrified her captors. We wish her a speedy return to full health.

I sign off with a prayerful hope that this morning’s rescue is but one of many, and that all the children of this world will soon be free from prisons of every sort, on their way to healing, and knowing their full powers

UPDATE: A second child has been found under the second dome. No further details are being made available at this time, except that the curandera is at hand. There is rumor she’s trying to contact Persephone. We pray all is well.

UPDATE: Joyous relief after an exquisitely tense day. I’ll just say for now that everyone, including your fearless reporter, are safely arrived at Alcazar Sanitorius, and that both children are resting peacefully. The curandera asks me to thank everyone who sent good thoughts and energy, she felt the support throughout our journey. We’re all about to fall onto the nearest empty bed, so I’ll send an update in the morning about our adventures. Right after pastries. Good night, all.

UPDATE: Authorities have determined that the day’s events are too sensitive for publication at this time. Thank you.

Alcazar Sanitorius

Segovia Castle

Note: It seems to be a day of deep healing. See jbuss’ excellent counsel here, and Dee’s healing song here. I touch on traumatic moments in this piece, which may awaken any yet-to-be-healed traumas within the reader. Please proceed carefully. (Spoiler alert: All ends well : )


On my first visit with my ninth therapist I presented a Reader’s Digest version of my history as I had figured it out up to that point. I was earnest, approaching desperate, how could I possibly still be working on this ancient crap? The therapist’s response rocked me, “You have no idea how wounded you are, do you?” An image filled my mind: Bleak concrete room, walls of hospital green, metallic doors, no furniture. And lying on the floor, too numerous to count, were small forms wrapped like mummies in gauze, many still actively bleeding through the bandages: none of them moved. I knew at once they were me, at various ages, ‘showing’ me my wounds.  I looked away, again.

Over the next few years, the image would return and I, overwhelmed, retraumatized, would always look away.

Then, in the summer of 2013, it became clear that the course I had then set for myself would require every bit of my strength to even stand a chance. I knew my first task was to heal those babies, at last.

I went to the concrete room. (These places are real, in the imaginary realm. There are what gamers call persistent servers: what we create there persists until we change it.)

Not overwhelmed this time, not retraumatized: I had a mission. The first thing, obviously, was to get these babies off the floor. With that thought, and a desire for the most healing place possible for them, I saw it suddenly, all at once: A vast chateau on an Alpine meadow, green all around, with snow-capped peaks in the distance. Stone stairs led up to great burnished wood doors, and everything pulsed with love.

Entering, one sees wood-and-glass doors immediately to the left, a sun-warmed staircase rising up to the right. Though the glass doors: beautiful, perfect beds with handmade quilts line the wall facing the windows overlooking the meadow, and in a twinkling all the little ones were now in beds, the newborn in the farthest corner, the oldest nearest the door.

Now there was a moment of overwhelm: How was I ever going to take care of all of them? In a flash, I knew: I began calling on all those ‘on the other side’ who had brought moments of light to my childhood. My grandfathers, grand aunt and grand uncle, my godfather, my sister, my uncle: they were all thrilled to be asked to help, and sorted out easily, perfectly who should be with which me. Bandages were removed, sweet jammies donned, and real healing began.

I saw to it that the freshest and most delicious foods would always be available: juices and smoothies and luscious pastries (because, of course : ). I brought in a chamber quartet to play healing, soothing or lively music to meet the ever-changing needs of the moment. Everything was seen to, every detail.

I walked down to see the newborn in my sister’s arms, stroked her tiny cheek, and met Juju’s eyes with warm gratitude. I visited each bed, bonding with each of me, and with the loved ones who came to help. And then I stood, my back to the glass doors, and surveyed all I had created. Everything was beyond beautiful. My grandmother came to the door and asked to help, but I told her she couldn’t come in near the babies. Her face fell, but she understood. I asked if she’d like to take care of the gardens, plant her tulips and begonias and fruit trees: she lit up, and set off to work.

I breathed in the deep healing of this place, amazed at myself, at what was possible within me, within all of us. I knew in that moment that I would never be the same. And I was right. But we’re not at the best part yet.

As I stood there, watching love work its magic, a lovely teenage girl walked up behind me and stood by my side: jet black hair short, plain white t, snug dark jeans, motorcycle boots, helmet under her arm, and a wild air of travel about her. I knew she, too, was me … one who had had to leave because it hadn’t been safe to stick around. She looked over all the little ones and turned to look at me, steadily, her eyes still grave. She nodded. Just that. I had done enough … enough to call her home.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The beds are all empty now, at Alcazar Sanitorius. The whole upstairs is an Imaginarium, where the little ones create and wonder, and hear stories of how they are children of the stars. When they want to hang out here, Grandpa, Aunt Clara and my godfather, great chefs all, create amazing fusion cuisine that tastes like love; my uncles rest in chairs under the trees, watching the little ones play; my sister effortlessly sees to it that everyone has whatever they need, and is always singing. So I invite you to create your own healing space, or bring your little ones here: you can find Alcazar Sanitorius within you.

Base Camp at First Light


Ready everybody? Momentum’s picking up faster than we thought possible, and we’re in the green room, getting ready for showtime. I know right? Thought we had more time to finish up all that we’ve been working on these past months, years, decades, lifetimes … but word is, we’re ready enough, as long as we focus. As JBuss says, it’s not quite time to pop the champagne corks yet. And there’s plenty of work for all, because:

We are establishing base camp in the new reality, with(in) ourselves. 

Yep. Take a long moment to breathe that in. All the work deep within our own consciousness :: standing in our truth :: trusting and developing relationships with our deepest and highest selves :: healing our ancient wounds :: listening :: releasing dogmas in all forms, especially the dogmas of our personal myth-of-self :: allowing love, deep connection, abundance :: our early successes in manifesting :: our journeys to the edges of our consciousness, to the roots of our beings :: facing our fears, and learning they cannot survive in our love :: composting our shame and guilt into the rich soil of true humility and natal innocence :: increasingly valuing ourselves, and establishing good, strong boundaries when necessary :: All this labor has been nothing less than heroic. Take another long moment to breathe that in. And if you’re a bit in awe of yourself, that’s just as it should be: we’re getting the first glimpses of who we truly are, and seeing that we’re much, much, much more than we’ve ever been allowed to know. And you’re not the only one who’s in awe of you: Kabalista at Kaballah Astrology writes, “… and it may go unnoticed by those who are unaware – that doesn’t mean there aren’t audiences upon audiences of higher beings in awe of your every effort, thought and integration of many, many levels of differentiation of source that are becoming reconnected through the complete full-spectrum Illumination.”

For more on the ‘integration’ she mentions, on the incredibly heroic nature of what we’re doing, and on what we’ve been up against to get to this moment, see Darin here and here.

Within our very beings, in all our inner work to re-member, re-connect and integrate oursElves, we’ve begun in our consciousness, unified with All-Consciousness the re-connection and integration and rescue of our world. This has been, as JBuss re-minds us, the Yintegrity portion of our journey. Soon begins our Yangtegrity: we’ll be re-membering, reconnecting and integrating with one another as we cooperate in assembling this new reality together, for and with all living beings.

So then, the focus for this next bit is to stabilize and ground these new awarenesses and knowings that we are cultivating; and to stabilize all relationships we’re developing with those higher/deeper Beings, Intelligences, Powers, Knowings … however they are manifesting to us in our consciousness and in our world. Run through daily signal checks to make sure communications with(in) yoursElf are ever more clear, and that you’re exploring, discovering, learning together with(in) yoursElf what this being human is all about.  And there’s one last great, necessary, and terrifying task: We have to conquer that last shadow demon :: you know, the one who keeps insinuating himself into the conversation bringing doubt, dejection, fear, isolation, yada yada. Yeah. We gotta own him. We’ve got him on the ropes, but he’s cunning and knows us better than we know ourselves at this point. He knows how to hone in our weak spots, and press. Hard. He knows the little tweaks that can bring us to our knees. There’s no getting rid of him (and we wouldn’t really want to) so he has to be brought firmly and uncompromisingly into the service of our highest Knowing, of Life, of All-That-Is. We’re done playing his games. He never wanted to win anyway; he’s just making sure we’re bringing our best game. When we’re in proper relation to him, we’ll have a powerful ally.

If all of this seems overwhelming, re-member: We’re not alone … were never alone, never abandoned, never separated from All-That-Is-Ever-Becoming. Turn within and ask for help with any of this, and the Universe itself will fly to your aid. Yes. Joseph Campbell said “Take one step in the direction of the gods, and they take ten steps toward you.” That was then. Now, in this hour of our peril, simply turning earnestly, passionately inward, asking: And help flies to us. Protected in any weakness, wounds compassionately attended, we arise stronger than we’ve ever been, again and again. If you get in a pinch, I pass on to you something my Self told me in a moment of overwhelm: “Just breathe.” I breathed. “And remember,” he said, with a warmly mischievous note in his voice …”you’re not even doing that.”

The paradox of ‘all this work’ we’ve been ‘doing’ is that we’re simply trying to get ourselves to relax into what our hearts have always known to be true. This is where we’re setting up base camp: in what we’ve always known to be true. How cool is that? What could be easier? (Just as soon as we finish getting out of our own way.)

Ease indeed. Growing ease, growing gently, the fulfillment of ancient promises. After a long, long, dark, dark night, we who have been so eagerly attuned to our inner skies … we are the quiet joyful witnesses to the first light of the new sun. Let us sing and dance and celebrate.

For this is the season of new life. This is the season of resurrection.


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