When we choose love

by Bonnie


We begin to dance toward a world of wondrous potential and possibility, a place that is beautiful beyond imagining. Yes — come with me now to the furthest reach of your imagination, and leap — feel yourself lifted and flying — to a new earth, our earth in the not-too-distant future — our new earth that is here in glorious potential, waiting for us to choose love.


Imagine, really — close your eyes for a moment and imagine: all people truly loving themselves and one another (John Lennon was wrong — it is hard to imagine, even if you try. So give it a moment. Settle in.) Now imagine everyone understanding that there is a divine spark within each of us — and every one of us understanding that being human means nurturing and developing our awareness of this divinity, embodying it more and more in our daily lives, in all our comings and goings. Imagine this is everyone’s reality, across the world. Imagine we all live in the constant celebration and joyous discovery of our ever unfolding divinity.


Imagine we’ve found that as we nurture this awareness of divinity within ourselves and one another love, pure and true, becomes the unifying flow of our daily existence — no longer an Easter egg that is found once in a while and quickly consumed. And we’ve found that cultivating and nurturing this divine love within and between us has also given us access to the living, divine intelligence that creates and sustains this universe, our world, ourselves. (I know it’s a LOT, all at once like this: you’re doing an imaginal workout – and our imaginations are sorely out of shape. But it does get easier.)


This living, divine intelligence, which flows through us, as us, is inconceivably vast orders of magnitude more intelligent than anything we currently consider even brilliant or genius. And when we have access to this intelligence, the access that we were always meant to have, when we live in the love and joy that we were always meant to dwell within, then we, as naturally as breathing, begin to restore our world to the garden planet, the joyful, miraculous amazingness that it was created to be, for and with all living things.


It really is quite simple, and very possible, although not at all easy.


There are some, hmmm, obstacles that keep us from knowing our birthrights, that keep us spiraling down in increasing hopelessness and despair, and they have had a powerful hold on our individual and collective consciousness for some time. But we begin to release that hold when we turn to love, and trust in love.


Here’s the rub: Love hurts. If there’s no pain, it’s not love. And we humans really like to dodge the pain. But when we are willing to suffer the pain that arises when we love and not retaliate, not control, not withdraw, not lock our love away for some idea of ‘safety’ — but instead we stand vulnerable and as strong as we can, and love as best we can, we begin to change our world.


Many of us have been working out, strengthening our ability to suffer the pain of love. Because of the pain we’ve been willing to endure, love flows a wee bit more strongly in and from us. Notice in this moment, the source of that love, within you. Mere humans could never sustain that flow of love. We would have collapsed long ago under the weight of the pain, but somehow we refuse to collapse fully. Some part of us trusts love. Even when it breaks our hearts. Even when we don’t get what we want. Still we love. Determined. Flinching outwardly perhaps, yet steadfast in our deepest selves. Love rises in us, again and again.


What/where/who is the source of that Love?


Don’t answer in words. Go there. Swim upstream to your soul.


When you get to love — which may take some time — rest there for a bit, remembering your way.


When you’re ready, return, and bring a little bit more of your love to the world: a smile, a kind word, a helpful gesture. These will ripple out, and we begin to change the course of our world.


When we choose love.