What my Heart Knows to be True

God exists. God is Love.

God doesn’t fuss about what name we call Him, or about how we worship. I call Him God because that’s the name I learned as a child. I call our spiritual guides Angels for the same reason. Again, it’s humans that have the hang up about names, not the Divine.

How you say His name, though, your purpose and intention, your angle of approach, now that makes all the difference.

Something like a ‘spark’ of God exists within me; this is my soul, my eternal self. (Don’t ask me to explain the physics — I can’t — although I love to wonder about it all.)

Every human has a ‘spark’ of God, a soul. We each have a guardian angel who watches over our soul and can guide us, if we listen. Angels are extraordinarily powerful and beautiful beings in the Unseen World, but a human soul is incomprehensibly more than any angel, because it is this ‘spark’ of Himself.

Everything has consciousness, and it’s share of intelligence.*

Humans have an extra gift from God: our souls.

Our soul is a fountain of Love within each of us. When we remember this source, and clear off the debris we’ve piled on over our lifetime, we can rest at last near our fountain, always, and be filled to overflowing with Love.

Once we find our way to this Source, Love overflows through us and pours out into our world.

We are meant to experience this Love within ourselves, as ourselves, and to pour it out to other people, to our living world, and back to God. This is what unifies us; what we call a  feeling is a dimension of Being. This is where we are One.

When we don’t experience Love — within and between ourselves, and between us and the living world and the Divine — we feel separate.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, yet our experience of Love is exquisitely vulnerable. Once we remove the debris from our hearts, we must learn to nourish, cultivate and protect Love both within and between us.

We have free will. We can choose Love. We can choose not-Love. We each choose one or the other in every moment. Every moment. Like right now.

We can become steady in Love, and experience equanimity no matter what life brings. Even in the midst of all that is happening in our world right now.

Our world is in its current mess because humans have been using their free will to choose not-Love over Love. We have been doing this so much, for so many millennia, that most of us hardly experience any love at all, or remember that we are meant to.

When we live in Love — love for ourselves, love for one another, love for our living world, and the love of God and the Unseen World — then we access the powers and abilities to fully heal our world, and to create a glimpse of Heaven here on Earth.

Humans are much, much, much more than we currently realize and experience.

We are meant to fully embody our souls, to intertwine them with our physical bodies, to become ensouled. When we do this, all manner of intelligence, healing powers and new abilities to explore, discover and celebrate ourselves and our world are revealed to us.

The Unseen World becomes more and more visible. We will be able to see, with our physical eyes, the angels and souls around us. We will be able to see the physical force of Love, and other miraculous living forces at play in our world.

At present, because of our spiritual blindness, we can only see the material world. The natural world is beautiful and full of its own mysteries, and yet there are even greater beauties and mysteries to be discovered and explored when we become fully human.

Fully human doesn’t mean ‘ascension’ or ‘4th dimension’ or some other place. And it doesn’t happen to us, we must create it with our will and active participation. We will either succeed in fully embodying our souls, with all the inner work that entails, or we will continue as we are, and life on Earth will become more and more horrific.

We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

We bring the Love we’ve been waiting for.

Our time on Earth is brief in light of our soul’s eternity. We have but a small window of human life to play our role on our planet, to help guide ourselves and one another to the beautiful and amazing future that is possible for this planet. There are many more living worlds in our universe, but Earth has a very special importance.

Science, while it has discovered a LOT of cool stuff, is in its infancy, and has no idea of all it doesn’t know. In denying the existence of God and the Unseen World, scientists behave unscientifically: The most they can say, in keeping with their own philosophy, is that the existence of God and the Unseen World cannot (currently) be proven or unproven. To say more than this is mere speculation.

Religions (mostly) divide us from God. None is any better than any other. O, and Heaven is way more exciting than we can imagine.

Most of science and most of religion divide us from the awareness and experience of our Divinity.

There are forces in this world that work against Love. I believe these forces exist to challenge us and strengthen us in Love. So far, most of us are not bothering much to rise to the challenge, so we have grown weak — and the anti-Love forces, working through humans, are destroying us and our beautiful planet.

These forces work constantly within and between us to convince humans that we are nothing special, that we are worthless and powerless to change anything. They foment the experience of separation from others and the living world, and the fear of everything. They turn us away from the experience of wonder and awe, love and gratitude, joy and peace, equanimity and inner power.

We must strive mightily against these forces within ourselves because they block access to the fountain of Love we have within us, and work to make us forget this source of inner love even exists. We must strive mightily against these forces between one another, for they divide what is meant to be unified.

Let’s listen to our better angels, and strive to create on Earth a place that is nurturing and supportive to all life. Once we get to work, it’ll be way more fun and exciting than we can imagine, our experiences filled with love and celebration of Life.

Earth is meant to be a place of joyous discovery and exploration, an ever-evolving playground where God Himself, in and as us, comes to play in the material world, toward a goal-less goal of ever-increasing beauty, wonder, delight, celebration and love.

o} -o-0-o- {o

Belief is not what we think it is.

Imagination is not what we think it is.

Love is not what we think it is.

Language is not what we think it is.

All of these are much greater, much more powerful and transformative than we currently understand. I’m hoping to explore each of these here, with you, very soon.

o} -o-0-o- {o

This is some of what my heart knows to be true. It has taken some decades of study and contemplation to reach the limits of what could be known by my mind. Now, I stand at the edge of the known, my toes in the foam of the ocean of the unknown. And I am filled with wonder, with awe, with love. Come play!

Death, like birth, is a transition.

Birth is not the beginning of our soul’s life, and death not the end. 

*Empedocles, 450 bc