One-on-One Conversations

If you would like some help, an experienced and compassionate guide, as you clear the debris from your heart and become more and more steadily established and deeply rooted in the love within yourself, please contact me at dancing in the tao @ (all run together, no spaces).

I offer a sliding scale, and accept payments through PayPal, which is super simple.

Meanwhile, Please Comment!

Enter the conversation, explore and discover for yourself. Tell your story. Share the wonder of you, and what you wonder about. Share what you’ve learned along your way.

Challenge me — no worries, my sons do it all the time — it helps me clarify my understandings and keeps me from freezing my ideas into dogma.  We need one another, multiple perspectives, varieties of experiences and learnings. We need to learn to not take our own ideas too seriously — to keep them and ourselves flexible and flowing.

It is essential that we begin many conversations about what it means to be human, what gets in the way of our highest expressions of ourselves, and how to experience and bring more love into the world.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope to hear from you very soon!


May God Bless and Keep You.

May you experience the fullness of Love in your life.